Autumn Pilgrimages & Special Events

Special Events for the Autumn of 2019

Latin Mass Society Pilgrimage to Oxford
Saturday 19th October

Last year's procession to the site of martyrdom at 100 Holywell Street, where we erect a gallows.

High Mass in the Dominican Rite in the Priory Church of the Holy Spirit, Blackfriars
St Giles, OX1 3LY, at 11am

This is followed, after a break for lunch, by a procession to one of the sites of Martyrdom in the city at 2pm.

This year we'll meet at Carfax and walk to the site of the Castle Gallows in the Oxford Castle complex, where there is a plaque commemorates the martyrdom of Bl George Napier in 1610.

Oxford's beatified Catholic Martyrs:

The Martyrs of 1589
Bl George Nichols and Bl. Richard Yaxley were both secular priests, who had been trained at Rheims. Nichols had studied at Brasenose College, Oxford, and became famous as the priest who was smuggled in to Oxford Castle to reconcile a highwayman to the Church on the eve of the latter’s execution. Bl. Thomas Belson was a layman, a member of a Catholic land-owning family based in Ixhill, over the county border in Buckinghamshire; Bl Humphrey Prichard was a Welshman, an employee of the Catherine Wheel Inn, which was situated on the corner of Broad Street and Magdalen Street (where part of Balliol College now stands) opposite the church of St Mary Magdalene.
The four were captured in the Catherine Wheel, taken to London to be tortured, and tried and executed in Oxford. The place of execution was the Town Gallows, outside the corner of the town walls still preserved in New College, approximately where 100 Holywell Street now stands, which is marked by a plaque in their honour.

In 2008, during the LMS Pilgrimage,   Bishop William Kenney blessed a new plaque marking the site of the martyrdoms of 1589, on behalf of Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

Bl George Napier was born in Holywell Manor in Oxford in 1550; he attended Corpus Christi but as a Catholic could not take a degree. He was ordained at Douai and returned to minister to Catholics in the Oxford area in 1603. He was captured and executed in 1610.

More from the Catholic Encyclopedia here.


Requiem at St Benet's Hall

Saturday 9th November 2018, 10:30am

An annual Mass in the small chapel of this Benedictine foundation, accompanied
by Gregorian Chant from the Schola Abelis.

High Mass will be celebrated by St Benet's alumnus Fr Edward van der Burgh

St Benet's is found at 38 St Giles, Oxford OX1 3LN.

More photos and a report on a previous year's event here.



23rd November
Pilgrimage to Bedford 
in honour of Our Lady of Guadalupe

12 noon High Mass

St Joseph's, 2 Brereton Rd, Bedford MK40 1HU
(click for a link)

St Joseph's Church, Bedford, houses the National Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe, with an image which has been touched to the original in Mexico, and goes on tours around England.

Showing the Virgin Mary pregnant with our Lord, the image has become a symbol of the international Pro-Life movement.

For the first time the Latin Mass Society will be organising a pilgrimage to this shrine.

Mass will be accompanied with polyphony from Cantus Magnus and chant from the Schola Abelis, both under the direction of Matthew Schellhorn.