Wednesday, February 05, 2014

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forthcoming Masses

Sung Masses in red. * indicates 'Special Event' - click for more details.

Masses from May onwards are incomplete.

Every Sunday
8am (Low Mass) Oxford Oratory

Every Wednesday & Friday
6pm (Low Mass) SS Gregory & Augustine

Every Monday, Friday & Saturday
7.30am Oratory School Chapel
(term time only; subject to cancellation)

Every Saturday
9.30am (Low Mass) St Birinus, Dorchester on Thames

Every First Thursday
12noon (Low Mass) SS Gregory & Augustine 


Thurs 1st: St Joseph the Worker
12noon Low Mass, SS Gregory & Augustine

Sun 18th, IV after Easter
12 noon Sung or High Mass SS Gregory & Augustine

Thurs 29th: Ascension of Our Lord
12.15 Low Mass Oxford Oratory
6pm Sung Mass, SS Gregory & Augustine
*7.30pm High Mass, St Birinus*

*Satt 31st May: Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen*
11am Milton Manor House chapel.


Sun 15th: Trinity Sunday
12 noon High Mass, SS Gregory & Augustine

Thurs 19th: Corpus Christi
12.15 Low Mass Oxford Oratory
6pm Sung Mass SS Gregory & Augustine

Fri 27th Sacred Heart
6pm High Mass Oxford Oratory
6pm Sung Mass SS Gregory & Augustine


Tues 1st: Precious Blood
6pm Sung Mass SS Gregory & Augustine

Sun 20th: VI after Pentecost
12 noon Sung or High Mass SS Gregory 


Tues 6th: Transfiguration
6pm Sung Mass SS Gregory & Augustine

(Advance notice: Ascension, Thurs 29th May, High Mass 7.30pm at St Birinus)

Sung Masses in red. * indicates 'Special Event' - click for more detials.

The LMS representative
in Oxford is
Joseph Shaw, 2 Vermont Drive, OX20 1YA;

Friday, May 26, 2006

Latest Diocesan Report

(Published in Mass of Ages, the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society)

Spring 2011
Please note as usual our regular Low Masses: on Sundays at 8am in the Oxford Oratory, 6pm on Wednesdays, and First Thursdays and First Fridays, at Ss Gregory & Augustine, Oxford, Thursdays at 9am at St Anthony of Padua, Headington (though please note this is subject to cancellation when Fr Tapparo is away), and Saturdays at 9.30am at St Birinus in Dorchester.
We have a good number of Sung Masses coming up, so please look at the Mass listings, website, and local mailings. There will be Sung Masses for St George (3rd May), St Augustine (26th May), Corpus Christi (23rd June), Ss Peter & Paul (29th June) and the Sacred Heart (1st June), all at 6pm in Ss Gregory & Augustine's. There will be a Solemn Mass for Ascension in St Birinus at 7.30pm. We will have Sung Mass and devotions to St Anthony of Padua on 16th June in the Church of St Anthony of Padua (Mass at 11am).
There are also three pilgrimages this quarter which have not happened before, and I would particularly draw these to readers' attention. On Saturday 7th May there will be a Pilgrimage to Littlemore in honour of Bl J.H. Newman, led by Fr Anthony Conlon. It will start with a Sung Mass in Greyfriars (Ss Edmund & Frideswide, Ifley Road) at 2.30pm, followed by a walk to Littlemore, where we will have Vespers. On Saturday 14th May there will be a Pilgrimage to the shrine of Our Lady of Oxford in the Oxford Oratory: we will walk from the site of Abingdon Abbey, arriving for Mass in the Oratory at 3.30pm. On Sunday 19th June we will have Mass in the chapel of Stonor, the historic Catholic house which sheltered St Edmund Campion and many others in penal times. We are very grateful to Lord Camoys for allowing us to have Mass in this important chapel. Further details on all these events are available from me and on the website.

Winter 2010/2011

Our regular Masses continue, with Low Mass on Sundays at 8am, and a good number of weekly and occasional Masses in the Oxford area: please see the Mass listings.
I would like particularly to draw attention to the programme of Sung Masses accompanied by the Schola Abelis. Most notably the Schola will be singing for Candlemas (Wednesday 2nd Feb) and Ash Wednesday (9th March) at 6pm in SS Gregory & Augustine; and we will accompany the LMS Pilgrimage to the Shrine of Our Lady of Caversham, taking place for the second year, on Saturday 26th February at 11.30am.
We are always in need of servers; anyone interested in serving or training to serve please contact me.

Autumn 2010

Our regular Low Masses continue, on Sundays at 8am in the Oxford Oratory, on Wednesdays at 6pm in SS Gregory & Augustine, Oxford, Thursdays at 9am at St Anthony of Padua, Headington, and on Saturdays at 9.30am in St Birinus, Dorchester on Thames. In addition to the First Fridays which Fr John Saward has been saying for some time in SS Gregory & Augustine's at 6pm, he has started saying Masses on First Thursdays (also at 6pm); this is a devotion in support of priests and vocations which was encouraged by Pope Pius XI.

We must have more priests in the Oxford area saying the Traditional Mass at least weekly than in many whole dioceses, for which we can be profoundly grateful. Please support these Masses, and expecially the Sung Masses which are being celebrated in each of these churches from time to time, usually with Polyphony and Chant provided by the local Schola Abelis; please see the Mass listings and the blog for full details.

We are also enormously grateful for the support of our Ordinary, Archbishop Bernard Longely; by the time this edition of Mass of Ages is printed he will have attended the LMS Oxford Pilgrimage and blessed a plaque in honour of Blessed George Napier; I will report on that in the next issue.