Saturday, September 20, 2014

News flash

New venue for Sunday Masses: Holy Trinity, Hethe.

Following the arrival of a new Parish Priest, Fr Paul Lester, the Traditional Mass will be celebrated every Sunday at 12 noon at Hethe, starting on Sunday 5th October.

This Sunday, 9th Nov, Remembrance Sunday, will be the first Missa Cantata in this church, at the usual time of 12 noon.

Holy Trinity is an important historic church in this village outside Oxford, just to the north of Bicester. Click here for a map.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Forthcoming Masses

Sung Masses in red. * indicates 'Special Event' - click for more details.

Masses from May onwards are incomplete.

Every Sunday
8am (Low Mass) Oxford Oratory

12 noon (Low or Sung) Holy Trinity, Hethe,
from 5th October 2014

Third Sundays
12 noon (Sung or High Mass) SS Gregory & Augustine's,
Woodstock Road, Oxford

Weekday Masses:

SS Gregory & Augustine:
Every Wednesday & Friday, 6pm (Low Mass) 
Every First Thursday, 12 noon (Low Mass)

St Birinus, Dorchester on Thames
Every Wednesday: 8am
Every Saturday: 9:30am


Friday, 7 (Fathers’ and Brothers’ Requiem
6.00pm High Mass, Oxford Oratory (TBC)

Sunday 9th: Remembrance Sunday, 12 noon
Sung Mass in Holy Trinity, Hethe
Sunday 16th: XXIII after Pentecost

Sung Mass, 12 noon, SS Gregory &Augustine

*Saturday 29th: Requiem 11:30am St Benet's Hall*


*Friday 5th: Feast of St Birinus*
High Mass 7:30pm, St Birinus, Dorchester on Thames

Monday 8th: The Immaculate Conception 
Sung Mass, 6pm SS Gregory & Augustine

Friday 12th, Votive Mass of Our Lady (Rorate): Sung Mass 6pm SS Gregory & Augustine

(anniversary of Fr Saward's ordination)

Saturday 20th: Votive Mass of Our Lady (Rorate), Sung, 7am Oxford Oratory

Thursday 25th: Christmas Day, Low Mass, 8am Oxford Oratory


Tuesday 6th: Epiphany, Low Mass 12.15pm Oxford Oratory
Sung or High Mass, 6pm SS Gregory & Augustine

Sunday 18th: II after Epiphany: Sung Mass, 12noon, SS Gregory & Augustine


Mon 2nd: Purification, Sung or High Mass 6pm, SS Gregory & Augustine

Sung Masses in red. * indicates 'Special Event' - click for more detials.

The LMS representative
in Oxford is
Joseph Shaw, 2 Vermont Drive, OX20 1YA;

Friday, May 26, 2006

Latest Diocesan Report

(Published in Mass of Ages, the quarterly magazine of the Latin Mass Society)

Summer 2014

In addition to our regular weekly Masses, there are many feast days marked with Sung or High Mass this quarter: please see the listings.

Another special event is a Mass in Milton Manor House chapel. To mark the 250th anniversary of purchase of the property by the Barret family (whose descendants still occupy the house), there will be a High Mass there on Saturday 31st May, the Feast of Our Lady Queen, at 11am, in this very lovely private chapel. It will be accompanied with polyphony as well as chant.